The 2011 'Top Chef' Season 9 Commercial is finger-licking good, as it shows easy-on-the-eyes host Padma Lakshmi gnawing on a greasy and delicious rib bone in support of the show's fall season -- but what's the song playing in the background?

For this season's Texas-sized 'Top Chef' they called in the top country dog -- Blake Shelton, of course. Shelton's hit 'Hillbilly Bone' backs the tasty promotional clip, and given the circumstances, it's pretty fitting.

The hit Bravo show shot its near-decade season in San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas, Texas, where the barbecued ribs are hot off the grill and the country cowboys are steamy to match. We can't wait to see what the chefs cook up, especially if there's a BBQ challenge.

Season 9 of 'Top Chef' doesn't premiere until November 2, but keep your eyes and ears peeled for the scrumptious ads featuring Shelton's 2010 track, airing now.

On top of being featured in the 'Top Chef' promos, Shelton's voice can also be heard in the remake of 'Footloose,' which hits theaters on October 14. Fans can expect a music video for Shelton's 'Footloose' track soon!

Watch the 2011 'Top Chef' Season 9 Commercial