Charles Kelley made it clear that The Driver is not an album he's simply put together to pass the time during Lady Antebellum's break. During a media session this week, the solo artist talked about the nine songs with the same enthusiasm he brought to early Lady A material. He also shared some details about that next Lady A album, the baby in wife Cassie's belly and who gave him great advice in this stage of his career.

Flip through the photos to learn six things Kelley shared with us, including part of the baby boy's name and what Hillary Scott and Dave Haywood have been working on during this time off. Do they talk often?

One gets an overwhelming sense that while this project has Kelley's focus now, once 2017 rolls around he'll be back with his bandmates. All promise to be better off for the break, as the singer says he's been re-energized. A new baby could change that, but the possibility of a Christmas card with the Baby Antebellums is too cute to keep the trio separated.

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