Aaron Lewis seems capable of landing a country music hit, if he'd only quit looking inward and begin looking outward. The longtime rocker's outlaw sensibilities and genuine love of the country lifestyle resonated with fans on 'Country Boy,' his most successful solo single to date. On 'Forever,' we hear all about the struggles of life on the road. The story is hardly something the average fan can attach themselves to. 

"Another cheap high rise hotel room / Another place another show / Another meaningless destination with nowhere to go," Lewis sings to begin the song. The last line could be offensive if he's just visited your town.

"Another time to say I love you / Another time to say good night / Another time to hear a dial tone cause no one wants to fight / Why should we fight," he adds to close the first verse.

Sweeps of steel guitar work to turn a rock song country, and to some degree, Lewis is successful. If one ignores the few lines written specifically for him, there's an emotional, longing ballad to share with your true love.

The chorus goes:

"Cause I can see it in your eyes / Is the sparkle gone forever / Don't say forever / I can feel it when we touch / Is the fire out forever / Don't say forever."

Lewis' success with Staind has earned him the right to take a Toby Keith / Hank Williams, Jr., my-way-or-the-highway approach to his songwriting. 'Forever' is a fine recording, but to get to the next level of country music, he needs an equally honest and moving story that appeals to those of us that don't travel the country for a living. Vocally, he'll stand out against other country newcomers, but one fears he won't get that chance with 'Forever.'

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