Aaron Watson's 2015 is one that dreams are made of. The Texas singer celebrated his first No. 1 album with The Underdog earlier this year after 15 years of releases. The Underdog is his 12th studio album and first to make its way to the top of the chart.

Watson — who is well-known in the Texas country music scene — has released the lyric video for his latest single "Getaway Truck." In the song, the singer comforts a girl who leaves an ex who treated her badly. While in his Chevy, he lets her know that he wants to be her getaway truck.

"They say you never know whatcha got til it's gone / He's gonna learn the hard way when he finds you long gone  ... Girl I want to set your heart free, ride with me, I want to be your getaway truck," he sings on the energetic song, while images of trucks hitting the pavement show in the lyric video.

In addition to a No. 1 album, Watson recently told Taste of Country Nights that one of his career highlights was performing on the Grand Ole Opry and Ryman stages.

"I scored some serious points when I played the Opry, playing [‘That Look’] ‘cause my wife was in the stands," he explains. "In front of all those people I played this song, and I dedicated it to her in front of 4,000 people. That was kind of neat to put her up on that pedestal and let everybody know how much she means to me. This is her song."

Watson will perform in Nashville on Oct. 15 at Exit/In with Rainey Qualley and Aaron Parker.

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