You may not know Abbey Cone's name yet, but her voice is one you'll want to know. Listen closely while taking in the music video for her song "Love Like Him Again," which is premiering exclusively on Taste of Country today.

In her sparkly dress, Cone walks up to the silver old-school microphone as her image comes into focus. She's wearing a gorgeous gown with her hair curly, earrings dangling as she sings about how the world will go on, despite an intense heartbreak.

"The sun is gonna shine / the bird's are gonna sing / flower's gonna bloom in another spring / And I'll be moving on without him," she sings effortlessly.

The scenery never changes, but the various camera shots keep the video entertaining (as if her voice didn't hook you from the note). At times, the camera shows a closeup of the Texas singer pouring her heart and soul out. Cone's makeup is simple here, with neutral tones that keep the sparkly theme going — making the sad song seem a little brighter.

Even though she's young, Cone has been working hard to achieve her goal of becoming a successful singer. She is now preparing for the release of her acoustic album which will simply be titled Abbey. She isn't just the voice behind the songs, she's also the brain behind the songwriting, as she wrote 15 of the 16 tracks.

“Ultimately on this music journey, it’s not about me letting people into my world. It’s about people letting me into theirs through my music," she says.

Be a part of her journey by watching the premiere of "Love Like Him Again" above.

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