The new music video for Abbey Cone's "Southern Charm" is as pure and simple as the easy country love song. The 16-year-old's grandparents are even featured before it ends. Watch, and fall in love with her innocent story of romance during this Taste of Country premiere.

Cone tells Taste of Country that she wrote the song with Amanda Williams when she was 14 years old. She wanted to write a love song about a guy who did things the right way, meaning he was down to earth, opened doors for people and shook hands like her father does.

"I think the simplicity of this song is really what makes it special," Cone says. "It says all it needs to say without saying that much at all — simple song representing a simple Southern guy."

Little more than acoustic guitar and Cone's dynamic but sensitive voice make up "Southern Charm." Find the song on her Abbey album, of which she wrote 15 of 16 songs.

“He’s my pecan pie / I’m his sweet ice cream / He’s my clear blue sky / I’m his everything / I’m a lucky girl / In his loving arms / He’s my southern charm," Cone sings during the song and music video.

Previously Cone debuted the video for "Love Like Him Again" on Taste of Country. Like "Southern Charm," the song is an undeniable country song that showcases the young Texan's range, both vocal and emotional. Keep up with Cone by following her on Facebook.

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