'Entourage' star Adrian Grenier pokes fun at typical country videos in his satirical country music clip for the song 'A Little Like You.'

In this video, the HBO series star dons a bedazzled cowboy hat, a sparkling smile and a great sense of American pride, as he sings of double-wides and hard work that doesn't always pay off -- despite how much he tries, and tries, and tries.

Within the first 30 seconds, 'A Little Like You' goes from classic country to...well, we don't know what to call it! The chorus is punk-rock goodness, with Grenier at the drums and his, ahem, entourage of country boys on guitars jamming out around him, as someone zips by on a skateboard.

There are girls in cutoff shorts, hay bales, an American flag, and plenty of twang -- all the essentials to make a classic country music video -- but for some reason, Grenier's 'A Little Like You' is a little off.

This video comes in as part with the VH1 Save the Music Foundation auction project, where fans can bid on tickets, backstage passes and signed instruments from their favorite stars, with all proceeds going toward music education restoration in American schools.

Grenier's new music comedy, 'Adventures of Power,' co-starring Jane Lynch, is out on DVD now.

Watch Grenier's Country Debut in the 'A Little Like You' Video