You wanna know how to get sent to Hollywood during the 'American Idol' auditions? Make the judges cry. First, Paris Tassin reduced Jennifer Lopez to tears last week, but when contestant Adrienne Beasley belted out a soulful, all-ears-on-me rendition of Lady Antebellum's 'American Honey' tonight, it was Steven Tyler who said he almost cried due to that "something special" that Beasley's voice is rich with.

Beasley, who is black, lives on a farm and was adopted and raised by a white family. When she called her dad and told him she was going to Hollywood, his first (and practical) question was "Who is gonna pay your way?", which was followed by "I'm tickled."

Beasley's audition could have her paying her own way sooner than later.

Watch Adrienne Beasley Sing Lady Antebellum's 'American Honey' on 'American Idol'