Alan Jackson's new song 'Long Way to Go' is a tale of bad luck that just keeps getting worse. The singer tells CMT Insider that he wrote the song from the perspective of a guy who just can't win. His girl leaves him, it rains on his vacation and then ... there's a big old bug in his drink.

"It's a typical heartbreak song, and it's been written a zillion times where you leave and go to the beach or something to get over your heartbreak," Jackson says, later adding that he's had to pick a bug out of his drink before. "I have but it was a Jack (Daniels) and water though."

“Well, I drove down to the ocean / Left my heartache way behind / But the rain won’t leave and the pain won’t ease and the sun don’t wanna shine.”

Jackson tells WQYK in Tampa, Fla. that he's actually had the song in his back pocket for a few years, and the time just seamed right to release it. In a press release, he says, “Seems like every time you turn around lately there’s just something heavy going on in the world, so I felt like singing something that was kind of light and fun. I hope some people like it.”

"I got a bug in my margarita / Seems bad luck won’t leave me alone / I got a woman I’m tryin’ to drink away and I got a long, long way to go.”

These days, Jackson is certainly above picking a bug out of his margarita though, right? "No," he tells CMT. "I picked out a lot of bugs out of my drinks over the years [laughs]. I guess it depends on what it is."

Watch the Alan Jackson 'Long Way to Go' Video