Alan Jackson relies on stiff drinks and beautiful women to get through an otherwise rainy shoot in his new video for 'Long Way to Go.' The singer decides a tropical thunderstorm won't delay the filming of the video, much to the displeasure of a flustered video director, and gets the party going under canopies, tents and any other type of shelter available. It's a behind-the-scenes look brought to the front of the room.

In this four-minute-long clip (the last minute is just black screen) Jackson is the life of the party. As soon as he sits down to play poker with the boys, the drinks start flowing and the women begin dancing. The director is clumsy and confused -- not quite as helpless as Zac Brown's 'Flody Boatwood' character -- but manages to pull together the scenes necessary to finish the shoot before Jackson flies off to Houston. It's a fun collection of scenes that match the relaxed and self-deprecating nature of the song.

'Long Way to Go' is the first single from Jackson's next album, his first since leaving Arista Nashville earlier this year. There's no time table for the album's release yet, but the single is available at digital retailers. This weekend Jackson will be touring in New Hampshire and Delaware before leaving for three dates in Europe next month.

Watch the Alan Jackson 'Long Way to Go Video'