It's time to decide who has the best fans in country music. Introducing the 2014 Taste of Country Fan Football League!

This match finds two legends squaring off on the country gridiron. Few in country music are kinder than than Alan Jackson, so his team is appropriately called the Georgia Gentlemen. Tim McGraw fans are just as proud, however. The Cajun Cowboy has a new album in stores this month, so it's possible the extra attention could give Jackson's Gentlemen a difficult challenge.

Fans of 16 of the biggest artists in country music have been chosen based on how loud each group cheers for their team. Included are some of the most famous stars, but also newcomers that just will not be denied, despite having had less time to build a loyal following.

Round 1 will end at 11:59PM ET on September 14. The 16 artists are split into two divisions. On Thursday, the Country Division was revealed. Now, it’s the Western Division. The winner of this Round 1 matchup will face either Carrie Underwood's Checotah Tornadoes or Dierks Bentley's Riser Air Rebels.

You Think You Know Tim McGraw?