Alan Jackson's recently released Angels and Alcohol landed on top of this week's Billboard Country Albums chart. This feat marks the fourteenth project for the country superstar to claim the top spot.

This is the first album the 56-year-old has released in almost three years. But the time off doesn't seem to have caused him much harm; he sold 45,361 albums in its first week of release, putting it at No. 3 on the Billboard Top 200 chart across all genres.

Taste of Country gave the album a critic's pick, calling it “slow and steady. Jackson continues to do what he does, never rushing, never waiting for the format to catch up. From time to time his style sounds perfect against faster trends.”

The album is just about as country as it gets, as he reconnects with the genre's roots. Jackson has put together another album that doesn't stray far from what we have known to grow and love from the "Jim and Jack and Hank" singer.

This project includes tracks that are inspired by his father, as well as cuts that keep the late George Jones' legacy alive. No matter where the album was drawn from, it's easy to see that this fifteenth record will make all those responsible for the album proud.

The iconic country singer will be spending the remainder of the summer playing select fairs and festivals throughout the country. Angels and Alcohol is now available anywhere music is sold, including digital retailers.

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