Alison Krauss sings a long -- too long -- love letter during her newest single, 'My Love Follows You Where You Go.' The over four-minute shuffling bluegrass-country track is rife with metaphor and packed full of poetic imagery, but by the time the final verse rolls around her point has been made.

"Future like a promise, your city of gold / Stubborn in your bones and Jesus in your soul / Seeing you stand there staring at the unknown / I won't pretend that it's not killing me watching you walk away slow," Krauss sings with the always talented Union Station backing her up. The musicianship and production are what one has come to expect from a project with this singer's name on it. This is to say it's superior to most of what is recorded in Nashville.

The music drives the darkness that hangs over this story, countering Krauss' lilting soprano. In a way, her brood plays the character she's endlessly supporting. "Take forgiveness take a prayer or take the deepest breath / And take the answers in your heart / When you wake up and the world is cruel and cold / My love follows you where you go," she sings during the third verse.

From there, the song continues to a fourth verse that only serves to make the same point. The repetition causes this light and airy bluegrass number to labor to the finish line. Liz Rose, Barry Dean and Lori McKenna wrote a beautiful lyric -- they just wrote too much of it.

Listen to Alison Kruass and Union Station, 'My Love Follows You Where You go'