There’s no denying Amanda Watkins’ pain during her new song, “If I Was Over You.” The duet with Jamey Johnson finds two people picking up a shattered heart, tugging back and forth for recognition and attention.

Watkins is a strong enough vocalist to carry the song on her own, and she proves it early, singing the first verse over acoustic guitar. “If I was over you / I’d have left town a long time ago / Packed up and moved around back home / Settled for an old friend I knew,” she cries to begin “If I Was Over You.” The production is perfectly imperfect, with chord changes and guitar scratches coming through as clearly as Johnson’s voice on the next verse:

“If I was over you / I’d stop calling you names / Tell everyone you were just an old flame / If I were over you,” he sings.

Through the chorus Watkins and Johnson trade lines, agreeing to rest in self-pity instead of reuniting their hardened hearts. Each chorus adds a few more layers to this song. Steel guitar and drums come, then electric guitar and a final chorus in which Watkins simply out-sings her male companion:

“But I’m not over you / I thought I was a time or two / I’m still not over you because I don’t want nobody new / I want my man / And I want my woman / Holding me all night through / If I was over you.”

Watkins' debut album is finished. She recorded it in the historic Studio A and played a number of the songs during her set at Country Jam in Grand Junction, Colo. last June.

Why Fans Will Love It: Watkins and Johnson present a slow, traditional country weeper. Both bring plenty of pain to the song.

Key Lyrics: "I want my man / And I want my woman / Holding me all night through / If I was over you." 

Did You Know?: Watkins didn't Johnson was going to add his vocals for the duet. She left the studio one night thinking he'd just add backing vocals.

Listen to Amanda Watkins, “If I Was Over You”