Tonight's 'American Idol' finale is going to be explosive, as remaining contestants Scotty McCreery and Lauren Alaina will give another final performance, and both are scheduled to be joined by country powerhouses onstage at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles.

The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that country hopeful McCreery will partner up with the one and only Tim McGraw for a McDuet! McCreery and McGraw trading verses? This we gotta see. Having a performance with of a seasoned veteran like McGraw on his resume could do nothing but wonders for McCreery, who showed us why we love him so much with dynamic and heartfelt performance during last night's debut of his single 'I Love You This Big,' even if he doesn't win the 'American Idol' title tonight!

But Alaina, whom the judges felt had a slight edge over McCreery after last night's blow-the-roof-off performances of 'Maybe It Was Memphis' and 'Like My Mother Does,' isn't going to be upstaged. Her idol Carrie Underwood, who selected 'Maybe It Was Memphis' for Alaina, will duet with with the talented teen. Wow! Two bubbly, pretty and perky blondes singing with one another onstage at the same time? The world might stop spinning on its axis. However, if Alaina does indeed win, the past and the future will have collided on the stage, as a former 'Idol' winner would be passing the torch to a new one.

Regardless, it's still anyone's game, as Scotty McCreery has been a fan favorite since day one and his body of work made us feel like we were attending sold out Scotty McCreery concerts every week. Tune in tonight at 8 PM to see what songs McCreery/McGraw and Alaina/Underwood sing.