Former 'American Idol' contestant John Wayne Schulz, who made it all the way to the Top 40 before being sent home, hails from Texas; but despite his Lone Star State allegiance, the singer says he finds himself singing a lot more Nashville-style country than Texas-style country.

"I've grown up listening to both, actually, but I found myself singing a lot more Nashville country because I travel out of state a lot and get opportunities to sing out there," Schulz said about his stylistic diversions during an interview with local radio station KIXS. "Most people out of state are not familiar with Texas country, but they are with Nashville country, so I find myself more in that genre."

Schulz also sang the National Anthem at George Strait's Team Roping Classic in San Antonio recently, and he literally bumped into Strait on site. "I was sitting there waiting to ride into the arena to sing," Schulz recalled. "I felt this horse bump into mine and this guy rides up next to me and said, 'Hey Dude' and I look over and it was George Strait. I shook hands with him and he asked if I had been to Nashville and I said, 'No, I haven't been to Nashville, but I've been to Hollywood.' He told me to come back!"

Schulz, who admitted that song choice is absolutely critical when appearing on 'Idol,' revealed that the judges told him not to come back again next season. "The judges suggested I not try out again and just keep climbing the ladder," the singer said. This statement suggests that the judges think he is further along in his career and doesn't need to rely on 'Idol' to take that next step, which is quite the feather in Schulz's 10-gallon topper.

Schulz also hopes to release an album sometime this year and in the meantime, he continues to root his former castmates on as 'Idol' progresses closer to a Season 10 winner.