On tonight's 'American Idol,' the contestants had to perform three songs, starting with their own personal choices. For her first number, Lauren Alaina decided to take on Faith Hill's 1993 hit 'Wild One.'

With pop icon Beyonce mentoring the final three contestants, Alaina had a lot of star power in her corner. "I cannot believe I'm meeting you right now," she told Beyonce when she introduced herself.

"I've seen her in the past and I enjoy her when she sings something fun because I feel like it loosens her up," said Beyonce, who admitted to Lauren that even she gets nervous before she performs.

Lauren wore a flowing red shirt with white trim and big floral earrings, as she gave a peppy, yet confident performance of Hill's No. 1 country track. She looked very comfortable onstage, even walking over to put her arm around the guitarist at one point.

Jennifer Lopez started off the judges' comments, telling Alaina, "You gotta attack it like that every single time," before adding, "That was very good."

"I love the advice Beyonce was giving to you about how to psych yourself up before you come out," said Randy Jackson. "I love seeing you have fun. That fearlessness is the kind of thing you gotta have. I think that was a nice song choice for you."

"You were singing like you owned the song," remarked Steven Tyler. "You're ready for America to just be all over you."

After a commercial break, Alaina offered her backstage comments. "One song down, two to go," she said. "The first song went really well. Hopefully the other two go like that one."

Watch Lauren Alaina Sing 'Wild One' on 'American Idol'