It was Elton John week on 'American Idol,' and Scotty McCreery chose an obvious song for his performance: 'Country Comfort.' With his acoustic guitar, named Scarlet, in hand, McCreery performed with a pianist and a pedal-steel player. McCreery, like any seasoned veteran performer, gave his grandmother in the audience a shout out from the stage. Aw, how sweet, right?

McCreery handled the song just as we expected him to -- with a country heart. He once again proved that consistency and playing to his strengths is the smartest strategy as the competition heats up.

The judges were once again impressed with McCreery's ability to infuse his distinct country flair into pop music. "I love everything about your voice," commented Steven Tyler. "You did it again for me."

Randy Jackson was equally enamored by McCreery's take on 'Country Comfort,' which McCreery chose because of the title. "I felt like I was watching you at your show, at your concert," Jackson praised. "You are so in the zone right now, that song sounds like it could be on your record, dude." That's a big compliment to be laid at McCreery's doorstep!

McCreery handles himself with the maturity and professionalism of a man twice his age. "I did my best," McCreery said, post-performance. We know you did, Scotty. It showed. We bet your grandma is real proud of you.

Watch Scotty McCreery Perform 'Country Comfort' on 'American Idol'