While 'American Idol' contestant Scotty McCreery has been encouraged to stay the course and was wisely told "If it ain't broke, don't fix it'" last week by judge Randy Jackson, the 16-year-old country crooner isn't afraid of being considered a one-note who can't sing outside of his Josh Turner-sized comfort zone!

"I can change it up," McCreery tells Showbiz Shelly when asked if he's worried about the challenges of upcoming themed weeks where he would be required to sing the music of a pop star like, say, Michael Jackson. "People don't know my first auditions. I sang John Mayer," he says. "I sang Frank Sinatra and then I sang another country tune." Hearing that makes us excited to see what McCreery can pull out of his cowboy hat in the coming weeks.

Given that he is an 'Idol' favorite, McCreery remains as grounded as ever, saying, "I just feel like the same old Scotty. I am loving America's support." Success isn't going to his head, as he is pulling double duty and tackling up to five and six hours of schoolwork a day amidst the heat of the competition, saying that his focus in on English and science.

The pressure of school and 'Idol' isn't wearing the singer down, either. In fact, it's a blessing in disguise, as McCreery says that his studies are "like an escape" from the pressure of the competition, likening it to "quiet time."

McCreery also reveals that his heart has not been lassoed away by any young ladies: "I am single, yeah!"

When asked which artist he would love to meet, the teen admits that he met his idol Turner "the day before I auditioned. So I'd love to meet some of the greats: Tim McGraw, Garth Brooks."

Maybe McCreery will sing a McGraw song down the road!