With the release of 'Wasn't Gonna Drink Tonight,' American Young have continued to expand the definition of classic country music. While the song's lyrics and message make 'Wasn't Gonna Drink Tonight' a firm contender for country radio, the duo's powerful harmonies and innovative instrumentation continue to push the boundaries of popular country music.

Written by one half of the talented duo, Jon Stone (along with Lee Brice and Billy Montana), the lyrics are classic country melancholy. Fights have been had, hearts have been broken, and now, all that's left to do is move on. If only it were that easy.

"If you only broke my heart / Seeing you would be easy / But you tore it all to pieces / I wasn't gonna feel / Wasn't gonna deal / Didn't wanna mess with this / Thought I did my best with this / All the lying and trying and wondering why and / I thought I was done with this."

What makes 'Wasn't Gonna Drink Tonight' unique from other sad country love songs is the vocal and musical delivery. With complex harmonies harkening back to the Civil Wars, American Young beautifully merge two distinct, but complimentary voices. In this second single from the duo, Stone practically punches out the words while partner Kristy Osmunson provides a softer foundation, rounding out the song perfectly.

And if the vocal tracking on 'Wasn't Gonna Drink Tonight' combines seeming opposites to create a layered whole, a similar approach to the instrumentation only adds to its depth. The harder rock edge fits well with lyrics like "Now I wasn't gonna shoot this Jack / I wasn't gonna end up back / Where you can burn me." However, it's the strong fiddle presence that truly makes the song heartbreakingly powerful. Different from other pop country songs that are currently taking top spots on country radio, American Young have managed to give listeners a new sound while still staying true to all the things country fans love best.

Why Fans Will Love It: 'Wasn't Gonna Drink Tonight' is simultaneously complex and fun, creating a layered song that begs a second (or third, or fourth) listen.

Key Lyrics: "No I wasn't gonna drink tonight / I didn't want to see your eyes / Just here for a good time / No I wasn't gonna wanna fight / Bustin' up my knuckles on my truck / No I wasn't gonna drink tonight."

Did You Know?: American Young are a relatively new addition to country music, but the two performers have been impacting the industry for years. Stone has written popular songs for Blake Shelton, Kenny Chesney and Rascal Flatts, while Osmunson was part of the duo Bomshel.

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