Andy Griggs is back on the country music radar with his first single in four years. 'Can I Get an Amen' is the first single from Griggs' forthcoming album, which he is currently seven songs deep into completing.

"Lucky seven!" Griggs wrote in a blog on Country Music Tattletale. "We did three cover songs in my style, at the request of fans who have heard me play them live. What a feeling to cut these legendary songs! I cut Hank [Williams] Sr.’s 'Ramblin’ Man.' We also cut 'Don’t Think Hank Done It That Way,' an old Waylon [Jennigns] tune that I loved to hear him perform. It brought back so many memories of the times Waylon and I spent together … I sure do miss 'Hoss.'"

The third cover recorded for the album is Alabama's 'Lady Down on Love,' which Griggs asked "two of my favorite singers" Daryle Singletary and Jeff Bates to join him in the studio.

"Griggs is one of a handful of singers in town who sings not just from his heart, but from the depths of an extremely passionate spirit. While I may not believe everything he says," Bates jokes to Taste of Country, "I believe every word he sings. He's a good friend who has a huge amount of respect for the history and tradition of country music, as well as for those who came and sang before us and left their mark on our souls. I was honored to be asked to sing with two of my favorite country vocalists!"

With the new album, Griggs has found freedom with his music, as he is calling all of the shots. "It's the first time I went into the studio to cut a new album with myself … no label, no producer, etc," he writes. "I had a blast. I was me … just me. My goal was to capture something in the studio that said, 'This is me,” and sounded like my live show. I believe we did just that."

Fans can log onto Griggs' website to hear 'Can I Get an Amen,' or purchase the new single through iTunes.