On the red carpet last night, following Scotty McCreery's big win, reporters had one last question for Lauren Alaina before putting Season 10 of 'American Idol' -- and the rumors -- to rest. Are Lauren Alaina and Scotty McCreery dating?

16-year-old Alaina danced around the question that she and 17-year-old McCreery are an item, but it's important to note that she didn't deny the swirling rumors. "They asked if we're dating and I told them to ask you!" she shouted to her friend, before turning back to the mic to address the issue. "I mean, I’ll never tell. Secret's safe with me!"

Alaina did say, ever so graciously, that she's more than content with the outcome of the competition, despite the fact that she didn't win the big prize. "I love Scotty. I can't imagine being unhappy," she admitted to Hollywood Life, adding, "He is my best friend. I love him to death."

As for McCreery, after accepting his position as the 2011 'American Idol,' he too made a questionable comment about the pair's status. "It's been a year since Lauren and I tried out," he said. "Me and her have been together and we're gonna stay together."

Since they won't come out and say it, we will -- this 'AI' winning duo would make the cutest couple! We couldn't be more pleased to see not one, but two country talents make it this far in such a prestigious competition.

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