For every one Country Music Hall of Fame member inducted, there are a dozen who are deserving. Typically, three acts are inducted every year: one from the modern era, another from the veterans era and a non-performer, songwriter or recording/touring musician active before 1980.

The balloting is done secretly, with only the results shared with the public every year (visit the CMA website for a full explanation of the procedure). The 12 artists on this list have not been nominated, and we're ready to make a case for each in the modern or veterans era categories.

Hank Williams Jr. is the name that surprises most people, and indeed his nomination seems long overdue. In 2015 an online petition and Facebook group was even started to organize the effort. While he's not the oldest artist on our list, he is the most surprising from the outside looking in.

Other artists we think should be Country Music Hall of Fame members include Alan Jackson, Charlie Daniels, Rosanne Cash and the late John Denver. Recently-inducted Kenny Rogers says he'd like to see Dottie West be inducted, and we agree. Flip through to see our full list of 12 artists and to read about each one's credentials.

You may feel differently, and you'll surely feel we missed someone, so tell us about it in the comments section below. By rule, any artist must have reached national prominence over 20 years ago to be inducted in the Modern Era category, and 40 years ago to be considered for the Veterans Era. The other categories rotate once per year. In 2016 a recording/touring musician active before 1980 will be inducted.