Ash Bowers' new single, 'I Still Believe in That,' is a gentle reminder of life's important values and blessings, of which some take for granted on a daily basis.

"I was raised on the bible and the belt / Taught to say yes sir and yes ma'am / Say grace before you eat / Bow your head and take off your hat/ When neighbors weren't just neighbors / They were friends / You could count on them through thick and thin / To help chop the wood and cut the grass / Give you the shirt right off their back / I still believe in that," Bowers sings in the song's first couple verses.

'I Still Believe in That' is reminiscent of Rodney Atkins' multi-week chart-topper 'It's America' and it will have you pumping your fist to the infectious beat and proud to live in a country where our beliefs truly matter. The chorus will become an anthem in no time with country radio fans and listeners, as it states powerful lyrics about the honesty and hard work Americans take such pride in owning:

"When a handshake and your word was better than any piece of paper / And you made an honest living from the fruits of your labor / When we all prayed to Jesus and we all pledged our allegiance to the flag / I still believe in that."

'I Still Believe in That,' Bowers' latest single from his forthcoming album on Stoney Creek Records, hit radio airwaves Monday, April 25.

Rating: 8/10

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