Ash Bowers still practices the manners he was taught growing up in Tennessee -- say grace, bow your head and always take off your cowboy hat before eating. Bowers is straight out of the Bible Belt, and in his new single, 'I Still Believe in That,' he shares that as an adult, he misses a few things from his past.

His name may make him a stranger, but Bowers is the type of guy you'd want to be your friend. In this song, he describes himself as the man who gives his word and works hard, thinks of neighbors as good friends and pledges allegiance to his flag. But as of late, Bowers fears the world has gone off the tracks.

In this verse, Bowers describes a time when there were different kinds of idols -- the kind that don't grace the covers of magazines:

"Yeah, our heroes and our idols were homegrown / Didn't find 'em on no TV show / They were our teachers and our preachers / Our soldiers, moms, and dads / I still believe in that."

Even if you're not dusting the dirt off of your boots before you walk into church on Sundays, 'I Still Believe in That' is easy to relate to, because we all have memories of a simpler time we wish we could go back to -- and still believe in.

We anticipate that Bowers, with his boyish good looks and a recording contract, may just find a few things he likes about the here and now, too, once 'I Still Believe in That' goes into radio circulation.

Listen to Ash Bowers, 'I Still Believe in That'