A no-good, cheating liar comes home to find his ex, Ashton Shepherd, right in the middle of a garage sale involving all of his earthly possessions in the video for her new song, 'Look It Up.'  The hapless (and thankfully, amazingly passive and non-violent) man merely follows Shepherd around pleading his case as his car, boat, and other items are sold for mere pennies on the dollar.

His claims of innocence are quickly dashed by the revelation of text messages and saucy photos from other women, as well as a bottle of booze hidden in his car.

OK, so the guy had to go.

But, that said, we've got two small quibbles with Shepherd's actions: first off, she could have done much better selling this stuff on the internet. Everyone knows that.

Second, she sold the dog. You can't sell a family dog to a stranger. The dog doesn't know the guy's a jerk.  Anyway ...

'Look It Up,' which is currently marching up the country charts, and which you can read more about right here, will be on Shepherd's so-far untitled upcoming sophomore album.

Watch the Ashton Shepherd 'Look it Up' Video