Austin Allsup delivered an impressive cover of a Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers classic on The Voice on Monday night (Oct. 31), singing "Breakdown" in a knockout round to determine which singers would stand in the Top 20 for Season 11.

The Heartbreakers released "Breakdown" as the first single from their debut album in January of 1977. It became a career-making hit, and has gone on to earn continuing widespread airplay at classic rock radio all over the world.

Allsup performed it in a gritty, slightly bluesier version that Petty's original vocal, shading his performance with a little more power and a little less of Petty's trademark drawl, drawing out some of the phrases and imbuing the classic song with his own distinct feel. He delivered the song with a devilish glint in his eye that seemed to especially connect with his coach, Blake Shelton.

He faced off against Gabe Broussard for the final slot as one of Team Blake's last final five, with Broussard taking a very different path by singing Bruno Mars' "It Will Rain." Shelton was impressed by both performers, but in the end, he gave the nod to Allsup, who joins fellow country powerhouse Sundance Head to represent country music in the Top 20 for The Voice's 11th season.

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