Singer-songwriter Austin Webb is allowing fans to see what happens behind the scenes in his 'Follow' mini-series. In this third and final episode, he writes a song on Music Row, hits a wall and then finally hits the recording studio!

Songwriting is not an easy process, and it takes a lot of time and brainpower. Webb admits the very first step to starting a song, though, is the coffee. At one of the many quaint houses on Nashville's Music Row, Webb makes himself a cup and gets to work.

"So, we're working on a little song called 'Wear That Smile,' but I think we're changing the hook around," he says, guitar in hand. He then strums a few chords on his guitar while singing, before switching to the piano.

He admits that he often gets distracted while trying to stay in the creative process ... sometimes even by a squirrel.

Despite all the distractions and cups of coffee, Webb appears a little frustrated with himself and the song. "Man, I kinda wanna just drop this whole song and do another one," he says, discussing how he feels like he's hit a wall with 'Wear That Smile.' "When you hit a wall man, it's tough. It's discouraging but at the same time it makes you wanna dig deeper."

Eventually, Webb digs deeper. He ends the day at Sony's recording studio to demo the song they've been working on. Check out snippets of the songwriting process, and the song, in this week's episode. Look for the show to air on AXS-TV every Sunday at 11:30AM ET.

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