Ayla Brown is now the face of the #FreeTomBrady campaign. The country singer has recorded a song asking NFL commissioner Roger Goodell to excuse the New England Patriots’ quarterback from his four-game suspension.

Brady was suspended for his role in Deflategate, in which an investigator determined he was aware of footballs being deflated below NFL specifications. On Tuesday (May 13), a group of protestors were arrested after handcuffing themselves together in the lobby of the NFL offices in New York City. Brown (likely) won’t got that far. Instead, she and the staff of WOKQ-FM in Dover, N.H. wrote “I Just Wanna Free Tom Brady.”

I don’t care if your ball’s deflated / I just want to see my man playing / Goodell my friend give him a break / It was just an honest mistake,” Brown sings during this remake of her own “I Wanna Be Your Baby” song from the Let Love In album.

“I just wanna free Tom Brady, Brady / Don’t put the banner up now baby / I just wanna free, I just wanna free, I just wanna free Tom Brady, baby,” she cries out at the chorus, referring to the call for the team and league to delay raising the Patriots’ Super Bowl banner until he's able to play.

The quarterback is expected to appeal his suspension. A peaceful rally to protest “the unjust football arrest of half God half-man Tommy Brady" is scheduled for May 24.