Clint Black wasn't afraid of a hard day's work prior to making it big in country music. His first hit single was 'A Better Man' in 1989, but by then he was already a big star in his home stage of Texas. Prior to taking the stage full time, Black took jobs as a fishing guide, bait cutter and construction worker.

One of his first jobs was selling newspapers door-to-door. He took that gig when he was just 14-years-old. By then, however, his family had recognized his gift to sing, and he soon began playing with his three older brothers at backyard get-togethers. It was 13 years of traveling and playing empty bar rooms for the singer, who had dropped out of high school to chase his dream. It's doubtful he'd recommend that to up-and-comers -- after all, if it hadn't worked it'd be life as a bait cutter.