Ben Hope made his name on Broadway, but he's switching gears for his upcoming debut album with his band, the Uptown Outfit. They're giving Taste of Country readers an exclusive first listen of their song 'Good Liar.'

The track is the second single from the group's debut album, 'Ragged & Rowdy.' The release is a dream come true for Hope, who set his sights on being a performer as a boy, after attending a Garth Brooks concert.

Though his roots are in country, Hope took a roundabout path to the new album. The Alabama native moved to New York to pursue acting after college, winning a Kennedy Center award for Most Promising Career in 2006. But he's never laid his music aside, pursuing a touring career in conjunction with his acting and combining his skills in both with lead roles in such critically acclaimed productions as 'Ring of Fire,' 'Hank Williams: Lost Highway,' 'The Buddy Holly Story' and 'Once.'

'Good Liar' gives fans a strong sense of the group's sound, which fuses classic country influences like Brooks and Travis Tritt with funk and rock stylings from acts including Hayes Carl, JD McPherson and the Avett Brothers.

'Ragged & Rowdy' is set for release on Feb. 24. Keep track of Ben Hope & the Uptown Outfit at their official website, Facebook and Twitter.

Listen to Ben Hope & the Uptown Outfit, 'Good Liar'

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