• 70

    'One More Drinkin' Song'

    Jerrod Niemann

    Songwriter to the stars (Garth Brooks, Jamey Johnson) Niemann jump-started his solo career with this shout out to booze drinkers all over the world, from his 2010 album 'Judge Jerrod and the Hung Jury.' Much like Paul McCartney and his silly love songs, Niemann wants to know what's wrong with one (or 100) more good-natured tunes about drinking.

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    'A Six Pack to Go'

    Hank Thompson

    It's last call on Saturday night, after a long night of drinking. But Hank Thompson realizes he's gonna need something to get him through a lonely Sunday as well. So his request, in addition to that last round, is 'A Six Pack to Go,' from the 1965 album of the same name. We doubt that was the first time someone tried this trick, and we know it wasn't the last.

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    'Drinkin' Thing'

    Gary Stewart

    Honky-tonk music is all about bar room pianos, broken hearts and sometimes, drinking too much, and Gary Stewart created one of the masterpieces of the genre with 1975's 'Out of Hand' album. It features this track, an all too aware assessment of a "foolish man in love" hanging on by spending far too much time at his favorite bar stool.

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    'Don't Tell Mama'

    Gary Allan

    On this tragic, sobering song from from his 1999 album 'Smoke Rings in the Dark,' Allan observes a one-car accident and is the sole witness to the dying man's last words. Turns out, he was drinking and driving, and all he wants is for his mother not to know he went to heaven with whiskey on his breath. Are you reading this, Vince Neil? You can afford a driver!

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    'My Kinda Party'

    Jason Aldean

    Aldean's ready to hit his party seat in the back of a jacked-up pickup truck down by the river. He's written the perfect hard-charging butt-rock anthem for the event, too: the title track from his 2010 album 'My Kinda Party.' He promises to spend the rest of the night looking for peace "at the bottom of a real tall cold drink" and inviting ladies on a one-night rodeo.

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    'Pretty Good at Drinkin' Beer'

    Billy Currington

    Everybody has a special talent, but we suspect Billy Currington might have set his goals for finding his purpose just a bit low on this, the lead single from his 2010 album 'Enjoy Yourself.' He claims to be no good at mowing, painting or any form of hard working on this loping, genial number. But miracle of miracles, he has found one thing he's qualified to do.

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    'Rain Is a Good Thing'

    Luke Bryan

    You know those games where you can connect any actor to Kevin Bacon? Well, Luke Bryan can connect anything to whiskey drinking in much the same manner. On this upbeat, celebratory rave-up from 2009's 'Doin' My Thing,' he explains the formula: Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey, and whiskey equals a frisky girlfriend. He's skipping steps and condensing time a bit, but his logic is otherwise solid.

  • 63

    'The More I Drink'

    Blake Shelton

    On 2007's charmingly titled 'Pure BS,' Shelton and his pals goad a would-be teetotaler into having just one, which of course snowballs into trouble for all of them. Turns out the guy knows himself all too well: "If I have one / I'll have thirteen / There ain't no in between" because, the more he drinks, well, the more he drinks. Only way to break that loop is not to start, huh?

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    'Save a Horse (Ride a Cowboy)'

    Big and Rich

    Big and Rich pioneer the country-rap genre (uh, thanks?) with this insanely popular single from their 2004 album 'Horse of a Different Color.' They go big pimping at various Nashville bars, handing out hundred dollar bills and buying double-shots for all. Of particular note is the song's video, which comes off as a less subtle version of David Lee Roth's film oeuvre.

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    'Party Crowd'

    David Lee Murphy

    Murphy tries hard to be brave by seeking out a rousing party in the wake of a painful breakup on this bittersweet single from his 1994 album 'Out With a Bang.' It may look like he's having a blast, surrounded by revelers, "slamming them back and laughing out loud," but in reality he's hoping the thick smoke will push his blues away, and fearing a quiet morning.