• 60

    'Redneck Yacht Club'

    Craig Morgan

    Morgan and his buddies go all 'Caddyshack' and turn their local boat pier into a floating trailer park, complete with astroturf lawns, lawn chairs, tiki torches and, of course, all manner of alcoholic drinks, on this party-hardy track from his 2005 album 'My Kind of Livin.''

  • 59

    'Tequila Makes Her Clothes Fall Off'

    Joe Nichols

    Nichols humorously frets about his lover's plans for a big night out, knowing that overindulging in her favorite drink tends to remove first her inhibitions, and then her clothes. As he explains quite clearly on this track from 2005's 'III,' "those pantyhose ain't gonna last too long if the DJ puts Bon Jovi on."

  • 58

    'Colorado Kool-Aid'

    Johnny Paycheck

    Did Coors used to be stronger or something? Because on this song, it seems like Paycheck is claiming what we now know to be a fairly benign -- heck, even watery -- brew will "set your head on fire and make your kidneys scream" on this, the B-side to his legendary 1978 single 'Take this Job and Shove it.' Actually, we're pretty sure you can get drunker on regular Kool-Aid.

  • 57

    'It Wasn't God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels'

    Kitty Wells

    This 1952 single marked a turning point in the gender wars. After Hank Thompson blamed bars for causing women to stray from their men, Wells answered with this song, stating that more often than not it was the men who started extramarital affairs. Obviously her words struck a chord, as this became the first ever No. 1 country hit from a female solo artist.

  • 56

    'Drinkin' My Baby (Off My Mind)'

    Eddie Rabbitt

    Before he switched over to the radio-friendly crossover sound of his early '80s commercial peak, Rabbitt traded in a much more traditional sound, like this single from his 1976 album 'Rocky Mountain Music.' He loads up the jukebox, lines up a row of shots, and turns the music up loud enough to drive his fellow bar-goers, and any thoughts about his baby, out of mind.

  • 55

    'Honky Tonk Man'

    Dwight Yoakam

    Yoakam's his own man, spending all his money and time on his bar tab without a care in the world. That is, until he runs out of money and has to call and beg his girl to take him back. This cover of Johnny Horton's 1956 single cracked the Top 5 as a single from Yoakam's critically acclaimed 1986 debut album 'Guitars, Cadillacs, Etc., Etc.'

  • 54

    'Honky Tonkin''

    Hank Williams, Sr.

    Have a fight with your man? Well, you don't have to be alone for even a minute, according to this 1948 single from Williams Sr., who'll take you honky tonkin' at the drop of a hat. A honky tonk, in simplest terms, is a bar. The music played at these bars is also called honky tonk, and guess what it's called when you go there? We bet you already figured it out!

  • 53

    'Drunker Than Me'

    Trent Tomlinson

    This fast-talking, tongue-twisting wake-up call from 2006's 'Country Is My Rock' finds Tomlinson regretting asking his girlfriend to lighten up and have a few drinks. Now, he's created a monster -- "Baby you turned into me and I became my mother" -- and is looking to reassert his rightful position as the irresponsible drunken lush in this (perfectly healthy) relationship.

  • 52

    'All Jacked Up'

    Gretchen Wilson

    The title track to Wilson's 2005 sophomore album finds her learning how quickly a night of drinking can get out of hand. First, she winks at the wrong boy and gets her tooth knocked out by his girlfriend. Then, she learns the hard way (well, thankfully not the hardest way) that drinking and driving don't mix, backing her truck into a pole. You still listening, Vince Neil?

  • 51

    'Rough and Ready'

    Trace Adkins

    The closing track from 2003's 'Comin' on Strong' claims Adkins ain't no pretty boy (so, tough guys pose on a fancy bed with their shirts open for their album covers? OK, just checking!) then goes on to lay out his credo and lifestyle choices, which include a skull ring, gun rack, ball cap, don't take no crap attitude and, of course, plenty of cold beer.