Big and Rich are back on country radio with their first new release since their hiatus from music back in 2008. 'Fake I.D.' is a tune written by the duo about trying to track down a fake I.D., and the sooner the better.

"Hey mister, won’t you sell me a fake I.D. / There’s a band in the bar that I’m dying to see / I got my money and you got what I need / Hey mister won’t you sell me a fake I.D.," they sing in the chorus.

"'Fake I.D.' is vintage Big and Rich," Rich tells Taste of Country. "It's pedal to the metal kind of country rock ‘n roll!"

The song also features Gretchen Wilson on vocals. "Gretchen's up there on the high harmonies, screaming it with us!" says Rich.

"Here’s my money, now get out of my way / Gonna push my luck right up to the stage," they sing.

"It’s a load of fun and a load of energy," says Rich.

Besides being the duo's latest single, 'Fake I.D.' will also appear in the new movie, 'Footloose,' starring country cutie Julianne Hough, which is scheduled to hit theaters later this year.