Gretchen Wilson and a bunch of young, energetic men and women cavort with Big and Rich in the video for their rowdy rocker 'Fake I.D.' There's lots of line dancing as Big and Rich are performing in what feels like an authentic country joint, complete with neon bull rider silhouette signs behind them!

The singers lead the dancers from stage, and it seems John Rich certainly likes performing for the crowd as much as he liked leading challenges on 'Celebrity Apprentice,' which he won earlier this spring.

All that flailing of limbs reminds us a little of the dance scenes in 'Footloose,' which is a good thing since the song will be featured in the Julianne Hough remake, which hits theaters on Oct. 14. This music video boasts loads of of booty shaking and synchronized choreography, and there's no skimping on the dirty dancing, either.

The dancers all look fairly young -- maybe they got into the establishment by brandishing the fake I.D.s that Big and Rich sing so vociferously about? There's not much in the way of a sub-plot, except for a one or two couples who are exchanging looks, flirtations and kisses in between all the gyrating.

Meanwhile, the lovely and talented Wilson is on stage singing with B & R as if she were a full-time member of the band, just tapping her tambourine. She's a good fit for the song and the video, as she looks right at home.

The 'Fake I.D.' video is a get sweaty, dance-like-nobody-is-watching good time! Careful, though -- it might inspire you to do a little jig around the living room.

Watch the Big and Rich 'Fake I.D.' Video Featuring Gretchen Wilson