Big and Rich’s ‘Look at You’ re-introduces fans to the softer side of the country duo. While John Rich and Big Kenny Alphin are known for rowdy, in-your-face country-rockers, it’s this style that has found them the most fans at radio. This may be their most organic release to date.

The ACM Awards-nominated duo are now on their own record label and plan to release ‘Gravity’ later this year. Delicate piano notes and restrained guitars cradle the two men’s unique harmonies. More than ever, they sound like one voice when matched at the chorus.

Baby, when I look at you, with them baby blues / Cuttin' right through me / You set me on the rewind, back to the good times / When you couldn't get enough of me,” they sing to begin the song.

The intro has a pop feel, but the first verse brings pedal steel and the more aggressive sound country fans feel comfortable hearing.

"Last thing I thought I'd see was / You across the bar from me, and / Holdin' on to that turkey bottle / Shootin' em down, and runnin' full throttle,” John Rich sings. Alphin joins him to finish the verse before both take the chorus.

The vocal production is true to the signature sound they’ve been crafting for over a decade. With just this song as an example of what ‘Gravity’ will sound like, it’s tempting to claim age has brought upon a subdued maturity. That may be premature.

Girl, you sure do know how to serve it / The way I did ya Lord I deserve it / You know my heart, you know how to hurt it / On and on and on and on,” Big and Rich sing to close the second verse.

Rich and Shannon Lawson penned ‘Look at You.’ The second verse is particularly effective, but the chorus is quickly memorable and easy to sing along with. There’s no reason to believe the ballad won’t perform as well as some of their others, unless radio has reservations about playing an unsigned artist.

Why Fans Will Love It: This softer side of Big and Rich has produced their biggest radio hit to date. 'Lost in This Moment' reached No. 1 in 2007. 'Look at You' captures a similar vibe.

Key Lyrics: "Baby, when I look at you, with them baby blues / Cuttin' right through me"

Did You Know?: Big and Rich's 'Gravity' album will be their first on Big & Rich Records, an independent label they formed after leaving Warner. That's not the only independent they operate, however -- Big Kenny Alphin founded GloTown Records in 2009.

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