If you go through the 10 tracks on Billy Currington's latest album, 'Enjoy Yourself,' you may notice a familiar name on the song 'All Day Long.' Country newcomer Frankie Ballard co-wrote the tune, along with two of Nashville's hottest songwriters, Dallas Davidson and Ben Hayslip. The day they sat down to write the song was the first time the three had ever written together.

"[Dallas and Ben] were like, 'Well, what do you want to do?'" Ballard tells Taste of Country. "I said, 'I don’t know … let’s write something sexy,' which is the way that I always write songs. I started kind of playing a guitar groove, and I was kind of going through the changes [makes guitar playing sounds]. They were like, ‘Yeah, that’s cool, man!’ So we started kind of humming around, and I think Ben was the one who kind of spit the title out. He’s kind of like over there humming around and mumbling words. Dallas was like, 'What did you say?' [laughs]."

What Hayslip had stumbled upon was the lyrics of the song's sexy chorus: "We kiss like first time lovers / Tangled up in the covers / Let's get it on / Love me all night, make me miss you / All day long."

"So we started writing it," Ballard recalls.

"Gimme a look with your bedroom eyes / Gonna lock it away up in my mind for a daydream / Mmm hmmmm / Well come on girl / Come off of that sugar / Take my hand, baby, now would you lay me down / We love all night, yeah baby / Sure feels good when you take me in your arms / Ohh and then we start," Currington sings in the song's second verse.

"It’s just a fun, sexy song," Ballard says of the tune's lyrics. "It was really a perfect fit with Billy recording it. I love what's made it into."

Listen to Billy Currington's 'All Day Long'