Billy Currington was scheduled to appear in court in Chatham County, Ga. on Tuesday (May 28) for an arraignment hearing. Instead, the hearing was postponed for 60 days after both sides asked for a continuance.

Currington is facing charges of making terroristic threats and abuse of an elder person stemming from an incident that allegedly happened on April 15 at the singer's house on Tybee Island. A charter boat captain apparently passed so close by the singer's property that his wake nearly knocked an elderly man from Currington's deck. The 70-year-old captain claims that Currington then chased him in his boat, shouting curses and threats.

The singer turned himself in to police on April 25 and was released after paying $27,000 bail. In the state of Georgia, a "terroristic threat" can include any threat to commit any crime of violence. It is a felony and can result in a fine of $1,000 and anywhere from 1-5 years in prison.