Billy Currington's new album Summer Forever will be out June 2, but we couldn't wait, so we convinced the singer to give Taste of Country readers a little sneak peek. On the day before the album is out, we're sampling "Give It to Me Straight."

This sultry tune veers off the light, upbeat path that the rest of the album paves, but it will still keep replaying in your head over and over. It tells the story of a questionable relationship that may see an end in sight: "Give it to me straight babe / I can take it/ If there's another guy / Just tell me why, you've been running late babe / every single day, every single night." 

Currington teamed up with longtime friend and producer Dann Huff to complete the project. They aimed for an upbeat vibe that could would bump through speakers all summer long. “Making this album was such a blast for me. I put a lot of love into this project and couldn’t be more excited for fans to hear the new music,” the singer says.

The album features Currington's tenth No. 1 hit "Don't It" and is slated to be released on Tuesday. Those of you who want a head start can pre-order the album here, so you can sing along when he performs at the Taste of Country Music Festival in a few weeks.

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