When Billy Currington needs a break, the 'Let Me Down Easy' singer heads to none other than Hawaii to unwind and, strangely enough, to work. The singer tells US 99 that when he's not on the road, he heads to the vacation mecca that is Hawaii. "It works well for my life," Currington says. "I take a break, do some writing over there, get my head back together."

Currington had just returned from a sojourn to Hawaii when he did this interview, saying, "I was out there surfing … I have like a family over there. No blood kin, but those Hawaiians have become my family." We can imagine it's easy to chill out and enjoy the company of others in such a peaceful locale!

When asked what the Billy Currington of 2011 would say to the Billy Currington of eight years ago, when he was just coming up in the country scene, the singer laughs and says, "Read up on your business just a little bit more. There is music and this thing called the business of music. I'd have learned a little more and have less percentages taken away."

Currington is also excited about touring with a seasoned vet like Kenny Chesney because it will be a learning experience for him, so he can eventually rise to the same rank as Chesney! "I am excited about learning how to do this," the singer says. "This ain't just a concert, this is an event. People gonna walk away from it and never forget. I want to learn how to bring this vibe, because there are steps you take and I don't know 'em yet. I am mostly excited about that. I want to be in that boat some day."

Currington will sing and surf his way to that very boat, as 'Let Me Down Easy' just landed at No. 1.