Billy Currington is putting his vision into action for the creation of a music video for his new single, 'Love Done Gone.' The song, which is the third release from his 'Enjoy Yourself' album and the follow-up release to his chart-topping 'Let Me Down Easy,' features Currington's smoldering vocals as well as something you don't always hear on country radio: horns.

"Since we recorded it with the horns and everything, when I would hear it, I would just picture New Orleans," Currington tells Taste of Country. "I always picture New Orleans for this song. The label was ready to make a video, and I sent [my suggestions] through, and they felt the same way. So we're all going down there for about five days and [will] capture everything that we can capture. It's such a beautiful city, and it seems like it just fits the video. We're going to go try it out and see how it works!"

Throughout his career, Currington has shot videos on beaches and many other picturesque locations, including London for his 'Party for Two' duet with Shania Twain. That experience left Currington anxiously awaiting the day where he can head overseas once again for another music video.

"I want to go to Spain and shoot a video," he says. "Something real different. After doing ['Party for Two'], I was like, 'That's a cool way to go!' [laughs] It's probably really expensive to do that, but one day when the time's right, I want to do something way out there ... way over there!"

Look for Currington on the road this summer with Kenny Chesney on his Goin' Coastal Tour. Click here for a complete list of dates where the tour is stopping.