Billy Currington is back with another new single and a big horn sound in 'Love Done Gone,' an upbeat tune about going with the flow when love has gone sour.

Currington makes it clear in his new song that he's not going to let a failed relationship get him down, because love changes like the seasons and there's no use in placing blame. In fact, he seems rather chipper about the whole ordeal, especially in the chorus:

"Like snowflakes when the weather warms up / Like leaves on the trees when the autumn comes / Like the dogwood blossoms in a late spring rain / All the disappearing bubbles in a glass of champagne / Like money in a slot machine / Don't know what happened to you and me / It ain't nothing we ever said or ever did wrong / It's just love done gone."

We admire the curly-haired country singer's easygoing attitude, but we can't help but wonder if maybe something sent the love connection south. Perhaps the lady in question didn't enjoy No. 1 hits? We may never know what caused the breakup, but we're glad Currington is still chirping along with the birds!

'Love Done Gone' is the third single from the 'People Are Crazy' singer's 2010 album, 'Enjoy Yourself,' which dropped last fall.

Listen to Billy Currington, 'Love Done Gone'