Fresh off his No. 1 hit 'Let Me Down Easy,' Billy Currington has now racked up a total of six chart toppers. But of all the songs in his catalog, Currington admits that 2009's 'People Are Crazy' seems to be the one tune (and music video) that has had the most impact, both personally and on his fans.

"The man that played the old man part [in the 'People are Crazy' video], Larry Day, passed away March 16, 2011," Currington, who found a close friend in Day, tells Taste of Country.

"It was very unexpected, but he pretty much died like the song said -- smoking them cigarettes," Currington reveals. "I am glad he was around to shoot that video with me. Him and I grew up together; he was kind of like my dad in a lot of ways. The whole song and video and everything about it was most special to me."

As for the actual song, in which the narrator is left a fortune by a man whom he meets in a bar, Currington adds, "It still hits hard. It seemed to really strike a chord with a lot of people. They were really interested in the story and believed if something like that could happen, how great it would be. It was just like a fairy tale."

Currington's latest album, 'Enjoy Yourself,' is now in stores and available on iTunes. He is currently opening for Kenny Chesney on his Goin' Coastal Tour -- and his faithful companion is along, too: his 3-year-old chocolate lab, Paco.

Watch the Billy Currington 'People Are Crazy' Video