Trace Cyrus, the son of country music star Billy Ray Cyrus, has inked Willie Nelson's face onto his leg. It's no surprise that Trace has a soft spot for country musicians, having grown up in a country household. But he's not finished with Nelson (pictured) -- rumor has it he's going to ink Johnny Cash's face on his body soon, too.

Not one to hide any tattoos from his parents, Trace has covered a significant portion of his body with ink. He took to his Twitter page to inform fans and friends of his latest body art: an up-close portrait of Nelson smoking a joint.

In a series of posts, he tweeted, "It's going down. Willie Nelson will soon be on my leg forever. Getting tatted by chrisgarciatattoos in my crib!"

Then later he added, "Willie Nelson tattoo!!! Love it!" with an Instagram photo of the fresh ink.

Back in May, Trace shocked the Twitterverse when he uploaded a photo of a tattoo on the side of his skull. The gigantic tattoo depicts an American Indian with a full headdress. Up next? Apparently, a tribute to Johnny Cash.

"Finished my Willie Nelson tattoo! Tomorrow getting Johnny Cash!" he tweeted. Keep your eyes out for the Man in Black somewhere on Trace's body. The question is, does he have enough blank space left to fit a good portrait of Cash?