First he filed for divorce last October, and now Court House News tells us that Billy Ray Cyrus’ need for a lawyer just increased. According to a lawsuit filed on Monday in Davidson County Circuit Court, Cyrus’ former road manager and part time farmhand is suing for age discrimination.

Paul A. Abraham, 61, has been working for the ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ singer since 2007, but he’s now claiming he was fired by Cyrus who reportedly said he was "old and dumb and didn't know anything about running a farm."

Fired on May 1, the former road manager is not only suing Cyrus but his Singin’ Hills Farm and his Flatwoods Production Company, as well.

Court documents say, "Plaintiff's responsibilities included managing all tour, travel, and show arrangements including arrangements and personal services for Billy Ray Cyrus and his entire family. Additionally, plaintiff managed the 14 to 17 members of the band hired by the defendants as employees. When not touring plantiff worked primarily on Singin' Hills Farm and at various times the California home of the defendants performing various personal services for the defendants and their family."

The lawsuit says the disgruntled manager seeks lost wages of $500,000 and that he also wants a jury to assess “compensatory and punitive damages for pain, humiliation, embarrassment and emotional distress.”