Co-Writing 'Over You'

The song 'Over You' appears on Miranda Lambert's critically acclaimed 'Four the Record' album, but it's really about Blake Shelton's older brother Richie, who died in a car accident when the singer was just a teenager. The memory was too painful for Shelton to carry on his own, and writing the ballad was an emotional experience that made the couple much closer.

"One day he just opened up and was talking to me about it," Lambert said. "And then he was playing this pretty little melody and we started adding words. I said, ‘You went away,’ and Blake said, ‘How dare you,’ and we both started crying.”

Some of the lines from the song came right from Shelton’s experience, like the part about getting his brother record collection. “That’s one of the things I got when my brother was killed,” he said. “The family gave me all his albums and things like that. I just listened to them over and over again to feel like he was there.”

Richie was 24, and Blake was just 14 when the accident occurred in 1990.