Like the rest of us, Blake Shelton is a huge believer in celebrating the holidays with good food. And when he can't get his hands on Christmas cookies, cakes, pies and the like, he'll get creative.

"I love baked goods at Christmas. I like all baked goods from pies to muffins," Shelton says. "In a pinch, Pop-Tarts work. With sprinkles."

The singer has to add, however, that his favorite Christmas meal is "the Swiss Colony Beef Log," the meaty mail-order delight.

And, his stomach aside, Shelton's one to stay in a jolly spirit come Christmas morning. "My favorite Christmas tradition is seeing what Santa left me in my stocking," Shelton reveals.

Luckily for Shelton, the Pop-Tarts World online store offers the perfect stocking stuffer: a custom 'Merry Christmas' box of Pop-Tarts in the flavor of your choice, with options like strawberry, pumpkin pie, cinnamon roll and ice cream sandwich. Unfortunately, the Christmas shipping deadline for the festive treats has passed. Bookmark this page for next year, Miranda ... er, Santa.