Blake Shelton has been calling some pretty impressive surprise guests to the stage of late. At a recent show, he had Kelly Clarkson join him to sing her Jason Aldean duet 'Don't You Wanna Stay' with him. Then, last weekend when he was performing in St. Louis, Shelton called up another special guest to join him on a song. After telling fans how much he listens to country music, he invited Missouri native David Nail onstage to perform his single 'Let It Rain,' which is sitting comfortably at No.1 on Billboard's country singles chart.

Shelton revealed his surprise guest in a most creative way, telling the audience, "I'm a country artist. I listen to country music as much as y'all do... I guarantee I can do anything current. I'm not one of these guys who comes out here and goes, 'Well, I'll do some Waylon or Merle or Hank' or something. I can do the new stuff, too. I can do all of that. Matter of fact, I was reading this morning, what was that number one song in the country right now, that guy is actually from Missouri. David Nail -- what was that song?'"

As fans screamed their approval, Shelton launched into the chorus of the song with the whole audience singing along. Then he stopped abruptly and said, "Actually, wouldn't it be cool if David Nail actually came out here right now and sang that song?" As soon as the name Nail left his lips, the screaming gets so loud that all sounds on the video become immediately distorted in an ear-piercing shriek. Nail took his place next to Shelton on the stage, offering up his mega-hit to his home state audience.

Shelton was nice enough to give Nail center stage, and Nail told the crowd, "It's good to be home" -- not neglecting to mention that St. Louis is the current World Series champion. When he rolled into the familiar chorus of 'Let It Rain,' the audience threw their hands in the air instinctively and sang along, obviously content with Shelton's impromptu surprise.

Watch Blake Shelton and David Nail Perform 'Let It Rain'