"She has captured the heart of millions of Americans," Blake Shelton started as he walked onto the stage at tonight's 'ACM Girls Night Out' event, before diving into fiancee Miranda Lambert's hit song, 'Famous in a Small Town.' "And I am proud to say that I'm one of them."

Lambert was honored at tonight's all-girls event as the only female artist in the history of the academy to win Album of the Year twice. The 'White Liar' hitmaker sat in a chair at the side of the stage, smiling nervously as her soon-to-be husband poked fun and praised her.

Shelton showed video clips of Lambert's family and friends in Lindale, Texas, who swear the 27-year-old bumpkin is quiet and reserved -- not hair swinging and gun slinging like the country starlet we see on stage. After such a presentation, it was only fitting that Shelton deliver a rendition of her 2007 Top hit single, 'Famous in a Small Town.'

Lambert held back tears during her lover's performance, and and at the end, said simply, "That was really awesome." She seemed relieved to say that she was proud of Shelton for singing the right words -- and not the dirty version -- and joked that he's her biggest fan, truly the whole package, if you catch her drift. Shelton and Lambert are set to tie the knot on May 14.

Watch Blake Shelton Sing 'Famous in a Small Town' to Miranda Lambert