Blake Shelton's video for his remake of 'Footloose' -- which premiered on Entertainment Tonight, tonight -- is an all-American good time. It starts out with the singer/guitarist pulling up to a drive-in movie theater -- remember those? -- in his truck. He exchanges pleasantries with the old man running the joint and then hops out of the truck, straps on a guitar and begins the rock the heck out, surrounded by a bunch of kids. Can you guess what movie is playing on the film screens in the background? Yes, that's right. The remake of 'Footloose.' Oh, the wonders of modern marketing tie-ins.

Shelton performs on the bed of his truck, too, while a bunch of dancers embark on a well-choreographed routine around him. Footage and key scenes from the film, which also appears as loyal to the original as Shelton's remake of the theme song, are spliced throughout and it all blends seamlessly.

The video is incredibly middle American and showcases the power of dance. Our chief (and only) complaint about the video for 'Footloose?' The Shelton himself didn't cut a rug as much as we would have liked. We wanted to see him get down and boogie with the kids in the video a little more. You know, that whole "dance like no one is watching" concept? We wanted to see more of that from Blake!

But overall, Shelton's video is fun, and it makes us do a little dance in our seats. 'Footloose' hits theaters on October 14.

Watch the Blake Shelton 'Footloose' Video